New Edits

New Edits

Flownamic – Pushing a New Style of Play

Swagga on a hundred… thousand… trillion…

No one will argue that Kendama USA players Dave Mateo and Kenyatta Williams are two of the most stylish dama players in the game. But beyond their swaggy looks, the Flownamic Duo is bringing the dama world a new style of edit where 2-player tricks and choreographed movements create a visual symphony of play.

I think a lot of players fail to comprehend how hard this is. No, the tricks are not the hardest ones being filmed, but when you combine 2 players, who both have to execute their parts to lace the trick line, it becomes so much harder. For those of you who have tried filming doubles tricks, you know exactly what I mean.

Hats off to Dave and Kenyatta for this one, it’s the best yet.

And Dave… I’ve got a bandaid for your tama.

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