Wanna play like Nic Stodd?

Kendama Drops

Kendama Drops

Wanna play like Nic Stodd?

Wanna play like Grain Theory Pro Nic Stodd? Yeah, me too, but it’s definitely easier said than done. Besides investing time in practice and building a super progressive kendama crew (COTK) to help push you, there really isn’t much you can do to play like Stodd… well at least there wasn’t… until now.

Grain Theory dropped the new Nic Stodd Pro Model kendama this past week and it’s the only short cut you can take to playing more like Stodd. It’s also one of the best kendamas I’ve ever jammed. I was lucky enough to swoop one at the most recent MKO. From the moment I strung it up, every damahead that saw it had two questions. What is that? Can I jam it? Let’s just say everyone who touched it was left with their jaw hanging, asking how they could get one.

Below is the official video for the newest addition to the Grain Theory line.



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