Dama Mods Release.. and Dama mods tour

Kendama Drops

Kendama Drops

Dama Mods Release.. and Dama mods tour

Dama Mods released the spinner this past week, providing kendama players with a whole new way to modify their kendamas to improve playability.  The spinner is a new innovation that replaces the bead on your kendama with a small bearing.  This bearing will spin with the tama, keeping the string from getting tangled.  This allows for long lines to be performed with out having to worry about the string getting in the way during the trick.  The bearing is made out of high quality materials to help ensure a reliable product.


Spinner by Dama Mods Kendama Accessory


Spinner by Dama Mods Kendama Accessory

Dama Mods also released their silk string which helps to reduce the strings elasticity.  This makes your kendama more precise when playing.  The silk string also has a smooth finish which helps to prevent from tough string burn on your fingers when doing those epic flow lines. They also released the Dama Mods nylon string which is thinner and closer to the JKA string.  This is a lightweight string and works perfectly with the spinner.


Dama Mods Kendama Precision Silk String Woods


Dama Mods Kendama Precision String

Dama Mods has also started up their pro team, which consists of some of the most influential players in the kendama scene right now.  Jake Wiens, TJ Kolesnik, Nick Stodd, and Wyatt Bray make up the Dama Mods pro team and will be going on tour this coming weekend.  They will be stopping at Kendama Syndicate’g Great Mall location on Friday the 25th, and will be going to Visalia Saturday the 26th. Jake, TJ, Wyatt, and one mystery guest will be slaying some crazy tricks.  So if you are in the area this weekend be sure to make it out to one of the events and meet the Dama Mods Pros!


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