Rint food throws



Rint food throws

Mikey Schelling, started a contest about a month ago he’s calling it the rint food throw contest.  The way the contest works is Mikey will post up a video of a rint food throw catching it in his mouth.  Then everyone participating has two days to lace the same food throw.  The first throw was a simple throw to mouth, but the tricks are starting to get more #rint! The second trick was a wall throw to penguin tap to mouth!  And the most recent trick was a mouth throw to forehead, toss back to in!

This is a new and innovative contest for damaheads, it incorporates the same hand eye coordination and persistence that we use in kendama slayage in a new and fresh contest.  Its too late to enter now but follow the contest on the instagram hashtag #rintfoodthrows and follow @mikey_schelling to see the latest rint food throws.

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