Sweets Beta Paint



Sweets Beta Paint

Sweets Kendamas is known for always improving their paint, with eye catching paints and super sticky clear coats.  It looks like they have done it again with their new beta paint.  The beta paint has a super sticky matte clear coat, which is super grippy right out of the box.  Sweets did something special with this paint, they released a couple of different kendamas with the new beta paint and had their customers try them out as a part of the testing process.

Sweets released a couple of different paint styles all featuring the beta paint for a discounted price.  Because of the limited supply and intrigue of a new sweets clear these kendamas sold out fast! Now it seems that sweets has finished working on their clear and is going to be using it on their very popular F3 fades! These are going to be a must have for any dama head!



F3 Beta Paint Solid


F3 Beta Paint Stripes


F3 Beta Paint Marbles


Birch Homegrown Beta Paint

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