Edits of the week: #3



Edits of the week: #3

This week we have some Grain Theory shredding, Dama love from Rome, and Sweet kendama trekking.  Hope you all enjoy this weeks selections.

Edits from Sweets Kendamas have been on our collections every week so far and thats because they have consistently been putting out good content!  This week Alex Hirota and Christian Fraser dropped a great edit filled with super epic tech tricks and beautiful Atlanta scenery.


This next one is a bit different, it’s a single trick coming from Pashark of KendaRoma.  This lunar line is unbelievably clean, with each catch just sticking to the cups! And ends it off with a super sketch in, but still amazing.  Who thinks they can lace this line as clean as Pashark did?


The title says it all in this last edit, “Eli Cory is good at kendama.” That’s all that needs to be said, the tricks in this edit will blow your mind every time! And all of the tricks are laced on a beautiful Nic Stodd pro kendama, with a little base cup, that has no affect on his dama slaying ability!

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