Edits of the Week: #4

New Edits

New Edits

Edits of the Week: #4

Its week 4 and we have some great new announcement edits and a funny Three Trick Thursday!

First we have sweets with their announcement video for their new cushion clear! Cooper Eddy, Max Norcross, and Matt Jorgeson got some epic tricks on the new chameleon, solar fade, and padauk stripe homegrown cushion clear. With amazing editing skills by Cooper this video makes the cushion clear irresistible!

Next up we have an announcement video for Kendama Usa’s Squad Goals contest.  The rules are to gather 3 or more of your friends and create a 2 minute kendama packed edit. The natural beauty of red rocks really complimented the clean shots of  Jake, Dave, and Wyatt lacing some epic lines.

Finally we have Thibaut Acros with a very funky Three Trick Thursday! Starting off with a Dappy spacewalk line to set the tone, Thibaut finished off the edit with some funky lines.


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