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How it works:


The Syndicate Score is a ranking system designed for Kendama players of all ages and skill levels. The system gives players a focused path to developing their kendama skills through learning new tricks to increase their score. The system also provides players with a sense of accomplishment as they are finally able to compare their kendama skill level to other players.


Players can test at an approved location once per week. Each player has 3 minutes per test to do as many tricks as possible from the Syndicate Score trick list. At the end of the 3 minutes, the judge will enter the completed tricks into the Syndicate Score database. The number of completed tricks is player’s Syndicate Score. 7 days later, players can test again. Players can only score 1 point per trick. Each trick can only score a player 1 point. After the trick is complete, the player must complete different tricks to continue to score points. There are 100 points on the trick list and the tricks get progressively harder as you go from level 1, to level 10.


Expert level players will progress quickly through the first levels, growing their score rapidly. But once the easier tricks are completed, expert players will have to focus on practicing the harder tricks in order to continue to increase their score.


Entry level players will be able to complete tricks from the list on their very first test. Then each week, they can focus on learning new tricks in preparation for their next test.


This Syndicate Score trick list was borrowed from the awesome folks at the Global Kendama Network (GLOKEN), the same people who helped bring back the Mugen Kendama. It’s the list of tricks from their 2014 Kendama World Cup event. We chose this list because it provides an excellent variety of tricks that range from simple to extremely difficult. Since the trick list features extremely difficult tricks, it will provide expert player with a unique challenge, as they only have 3 minutes to complete their attempt at a trick. It’s conceivable that a player, after they reach a score of 80+, will have weeks of testing where they only score 1 point because they are trying a very hard trick that week.


Syndicate Score Trick List




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