3 Kendama Holsters You Should Have Seen



3 Kendama Holsters You Should Have Seen

How do you hold your kendama when you’re not playing with it? For most of us, we hang it around our neck. But what about when your neck hurts? Or when you’re wearing a hoodie with the hood up? Or when you’ve got two kendamas and you know your neck could never support the weight? That’s right people, you need a kendama holster!

These holsters are the most popular ones out there, take a look and let us know which one you prefer!

DealwithitSF Tsuna

The Tsuna is one of the most sought after kendama holsters and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful hand-crafted leather holster made by Matt Rice and Ethan Jamison. They started selling these over a year ago in small batches and each time they release new ones, they sell out in a matter of days… sometimes hours. The prices range from $35-$40 each. You can swoop one, when they’re available, at www.dealwithitsf.com.




The K-Pak is KROM Kendama’s holster. While it’s not as pretty as the other holsters featured here, it makes up for in functionality, availability, and cost. You can find these all over for about $16 and they come in black and green. They’re super durable and they’re easy to get your dama in and out of. What more could you ask for at that price?




Resistant Kendama Holster

The new kid on the block is the holster from Resistant. I haven’t personally played with one of these yet, so I’m in a bit of the dark as to how this holster performs. By the looks of it though, I’d say it’s worth the $40 + International shipping. You can find them on www.shogaimag.com.



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