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Kendama Drops

Kendama Drops

That New New

KROM dropped the Rosadama this past week and while we have no idea how this relates to Thorkild’s sister’s cat, the tama looks sick! It features the same rubber finish as the their other super popular rubber tamas and has the bottom 30% painted white to help you spot the, now event larger, hole.

rosadama 1

Sweets released a huge number of Homegrowns over the past couple weeks. The Harvest Moon, The Bobber and the Fire Opal. The Harvest Moon and Bobber are already sold out, so if you haven’t copped one yet, you better get to it.

harvest moon

Grain Theory did a special MKO only drop of the all new Nic Stodd pro model the “Stodd Mod” and their new slightly larger size ken, the Tall Boy. The shape of the Stodd Mod is all new thanks to a R&D session with Jake Wiens and Nic Stodd where they tweaked every aspect of the design to see what could be optimized. The Tall Boy is bigger than a Musou and smaller than a KROM Viking. No word yet on an official drop date for either of these, but rumor has it, one of these is ending up in the Kendama Syndicate’s Ultimate 12 Days of Christmas pack.


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  1. Max

    December 2, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    How can I get one of those kens

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